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Possible steps to finding happiness.

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Firm News

Take a look at this compelling New York Times article.  The author, Tim Herrara, sets forth steps which (we believe) will assist those of you who find yourselves in a stressful place.  If you are working for a person or corporation who is committing fraud and are unsure what to do next, our firm hopes this article aids you.  We find Mr. Herrara’s advice to “Conquer your negative thinking”  and “Forgive yourself” helpful for clients and those enduring stress.

We know that sometimes it’s quite difficult to do the right thing by reporting fraud.   Sometimes doing the right thing will cost you your job, or otherwise adversely affect you.  Nevertheless, we believe that doing the right thing sets you on the right path to happiness.  Please share your thoughts. html