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The Importance of Lawyers for Small Businesses

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Firm News

Small businesses should prioritize hiring a lawyer to assist them with contracts.  It is wise to have a lawyer draft or review any contracts you anticpate entering.  Contracts are legally binding and should not be entered into blindly.  A lawyer will verify that your contract addresses everything that is important to you, as well as identify potential pitfalls.  Such advice will inevitably save you money down the road, allowing you to avoid litgation or make any litigation more manageable.  A lawyer cannot forsee every issue, but can raise issues that you had not considered.  If litigation does result, then the lawyer who prepared the contract will have a better idea of the intent in the formation of the contractual relationship, and be better equipped to assist you in that litigation.  Also, under Florida law, a business entity must have legal representation in a court proceeding. Having an already established relationship with an attorney will assist you in this regard as well.