Contract Drafting and Disputes

The Schechter Legal Group is proud to assist our clients with all aspects of contracts, from drafting to resolution of disputes.  We have drafted numerous contracts on our clients' behalf and have likewise aided many clients in recovering money owed, from recalcitrant landlords to medical providers who refuse to pay 1099 contract workers for services rendered.  When our clients' cannot recover money owed on their own, our lawyers make the wrongdoer do the right thing.  Because of our background in drafting contracts, we are able to efficiently handle contract disputes and very often resolve them very quickly, to our clients' great pleasure and relief.  

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your contract matters with you.  Please contact us.

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Schechter Legal Group is a streamlined law firm, and has established itself as a successful partner for you in your contract drafting and disputes.  We understand how frustrating contract disputes can be.  Sometimes all it takes is having a strong lawyer on your side. At Schechter Legal Group, we will help you resolve your contract issues. Contact the Schechter Legal Group today.

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If you want to report fraud against the government but you are concerned about your future, we are here to help. We will help protect your rights as a whistleblower to obtain the reward you deserve. Contact the Schechter Legal Group today.