How Can I Assist in Stopping Fraud

Schechter Legal Group and our courageous whistleblowers collaborate to hold fraudster companies accountable.  Our clients have successfully brought numerous violators to justice.  In addition to paying significant damages, our cases have led to fraudsters suffering reputational damage, and loss of their ability to bill to government programs.  This may include loss of billing to Medicare, Medicaid and/or Tricare.  The incentives for bringing to light the fraud you know of, or suspect, has never been greater.

We have seen members across the healthcare industry, including physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device groups and life science companies violate the False Claims Act.  By bringing these entities to the awareness of the United States Department of Justice, our clients are righting societal wrongs.  Our clients often receive a portion of the significant damages for their exemplary, ethical actions.

Your attorneys at Schechter Legal Group guide you through your entire legal process, including the investigation, collection of documents, and interview.  Schechter Legal Group takes extreme care and dedication when presenting your case clearly and effectively to the government.  We remain a lifeline during the Department of Justice's investigation and assessment of your claim.  We are available to discuss your claim whenever you request our input.  You can speak to your attorney throughout the case, and know that you have them to confide in and gain from them salient knowledge. 

In the healthcare field, False Claims Act cases may involve:

Hospital systems

Physician groups

Nursing homes

Acute care facilities

Home healthcare providers

Durable medical equipment companies

Medical device manufacturers


Pharmaceutical companies


Defense contractors

University medical centers

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If you want to report fraud against the government but you are concerned about your future, we are here to help. We will help protect your rights as a whistleblower to obtain the reward you deserve. Contact the Schechter Legal Group today.