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Practice Areas

At the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter, P.A., we represent whistleblowers in Florida, New York and throughout the United States who come forward to report fraud and illegal activity. Our experienced attorneys will help protect you and your family’s legal rights in the case of unlawful retaliation and help you get the reward you deserve. We have experience handling all types of whistleblower claims, including:

  • False Claim Act Violations
  • Qui Tam Lawsuits
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • IRS Tax Fraud
  • Sales Tax Fraud
  • Florida False Claims Act
  • New York False Claims Act
  • Whistleblower Retaliation
  • FIRREA Whistleblowers
  • Implied Certification Fraud
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Medicaid Fraud
  • TRICARE Fraud
  • Nursing Home Fraud
  • Unnecessary Prescription Kickbacks
  • Coronavirus Relief Package fraud

We understand how difficult it can be to come forward with a whistleblower lawsuit. Your job may be at risk and you are concerned about the repercussions for your career and your reputation. At the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter, we can help protect you and your family and fight to get you the reward you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter, P.A., today.

Contract Drafting And Disputes

In addition to representing whistleblowers in their government fraud cases, we are proud to represent our clients in all stages of contract matters.  Because of our involvement in drafting contracts and our experience in litigation, we have a keen eye for contract dispute issues, and pride ourselves on efficiently and effectively resolving those disputes. Often, we can negotiate a resolution to those disputes without the need for drawn-out litigation. We understand our clients want to have those matters settled as quickly as possible so that they can return to their day-to-day business or personal activities.

No matter how small the matter at issue, it’s worth your time to talk to an attorney to see if she can help. At the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter, P.A., we are happy to assist you with your contract matters. Contact the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter.