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I Highly Recommend Her

5.0 Stars

Lisa Loscalzo

July 1, 2024

Audrey is a consummate professional who is extremely knowledgeable about her specialty within the law, along with all of the associated processes and procedures. Her counsel was spot on during the entire process which ultimately led to a very successful outcome. I highly recommend her.

Highly Recommend Audrey Hildes Schechter

5.0 Stars

Former client

October 14, 2019

Audrey H. Schechter handled my case, it was a False Claims Act fraud case based on grant fraud, and she was the utmost professional. Qui tam lawyers are successful when they work in affiliation with other law firms, which is in the best interest of their client, and that is what Audrey did for me. I highly recommend this law firm!


Efficient And Professional Legal Assistance

5.0 Stars


August 8, 2019

Audrey Schechter provided us with professional legal assistance. With her help we were able to arrive at a swift and amicable solution to our situation.


 A Crucial Part To My Small Business Team

5.0 Stars

Tara Schwartz

May 7, 2019

As a small physical therapy business owner (and growing) for 16 years one of my biggest mistakes early on that caused some hard lessons was not having ALL my contracts read by attorney. I had intelligent and business wise people assist but it is no way the same as an experienced attorney. After learning my lessons I have used Audrey for many contracts, problems that needed to be handled with landlords, insurance companies and advice. She provides excellent service and covers a wide range of needs as my healthcare attorney. I sleep better because she is in our team.


Excellent Advice And Service

5.0 stars

Posted by Tim

Audrey provided me with excellent legal advice and services. She explained everything well and came through with all questionable issues. I found her to be reliable, courteous and professional. I highly recommend her without any reservations.


A True Professional

5.0 stars

Posted by Shaun
October 9, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Schechter six weeks ago, and I cannot stress enough about how much of a professional she is. Knowledgeable, courteous and extremely efficient. She was always polite and attentive and handled my case faster then I thought possible. I will recommend her to family, friends and colleagues and I encourage you, if you are interviewing for representation, you give her an opportunity to show you how well she can work for you.



5.0 Stars

Kristin Asbury

October 13, 2018

Highly recommend this firm! Audrey is an experienced, trusted attorney who will work tirelessly for you!


Wonderful In Every Way!

Audrey is very organized, thoughtful, determined and a pure joy to work with, and she is a great attorney who works hard to succeed for her clients.

– Kati


Chris Limberopoulos: Worked Together On Matter

Audrey is an exceptional writer, researcher and advocate and has help make significant law in appellate decisions with her briefs and arguments.

– Chris Limberopoulos


Robert Brazel: Fellow Lawyer In Community

Audrey is bright, creative and always professional. She’s a pleasure to work with and very persistent in fighting for her clients.

– Robert Brazel


Curtis Sobel: Fellow Lawyer In Community

I am pleased to provide my endorsement of Audrey HIldes Schechter in the field of civil litigation. She is an extremely committed and devoted colleague that always brings her A game. Ms. Hildes-Schechter is an astute and erudite member of the bar and has my fullest endorsement.

– Curtis Sobel


Kevin Sparkman: Worked Together On Matter

I endorse this lawyer. Audrey is an excellent legal mind and worked very hard to provide legal drafting and research to help us achieve a very positive result for our client. I highly endorse Audrey as a client advocate and skilled an knowledgeable attorney.

– Kevin Sparkman


Michele Ross: Fellow Lawyer In Community

Audrey is a wealth of knowledge with the ability to explain complicated matters so an ordinary person can understand. I heard her speak on qui tam litigation at a Clearwater Mid County Bar luncheon. I think every attendee left the event surprised at how much we had learned about the subject, thanks to Audrey.

– Michele Ross

Bradley Tobin: Fellow Lawyer In Community

I have known Ms. Schechter for most of my career and know her to be an extremely intelligent and skillful attorney. Her clients benefit greatly from both her legal acumen and her sincere concern to obtain the best result for their respective situation. I highly endorse Ms. Schechter.

– Bradley Tobin


James Dodson: Worked Together On Matter

Audrey is smart and has the ability to analyze complex legal issues and then break them down simply into a well written piece of research. She is also a fine person with strong ethics and a steady compass for doing the right thing.

– James Dodson


Audrey Is A Fine Lawyer.

Audrey has assisted me and my husband on no less than 5 transactions. She is hard working and responsive in completing the job at hand. I recommend her for a broad range of legal services.

– Nancy



Audrey Schechter has exceeded all my expectations in an attorney. I would highly recommend having Audrey Schechter in your corner as she is an experienced, knowledgeable, comforting and extremely professional and personable attorney. She has a way of making you very important and that your best interests are her priority.

– Karen


An Outstanding Legal Professional

Audrey was extremely attentive and detail oriented. She was easy to get in contact with and was able to provide invaluable information during our consultations. As an IT manager working in Healthcare, I interact with many legal entities and was very impressed with her knowledge and level of service. I would gladly recommend Audrey as an attorney would not hesitate to use her services again in the future if needed.

– Joshua


Trusted Attorney

I have consulted with Audrey numerous times and she has always provided very sound and well thought out advice. I strongly recommend her.

– Liz


Excellent Legal Resource

Ms. Schechter provided a detailed analysis of my case and outlined a very strategic approach that allowed me to best position myself for the most favorable outcome. Additionally, I was very pleased with the degree of communication that Ms. Schechter maintained throughout her representation; giving me the peace of mind needed throughout a complex case. I highly recommend her services.

– Tim


Qui Tam

I have the utmost respect for all attorneys who pursue qui tam cases, and that includes Audrey Schechter. As is usually the case, it is often difficult to stand up for the right thing. Audrey and her firm went the extra mile for me. I felt Audrey and her firm thoroughly explored every avenue of my case. I would recommend her to anyone.

– A Client


Excellent Attorney

I have consulted Audrey on many occasions, and she has always given me excellent advice. Her work is very meticulous and thorough. She is a good listener and helped me with a legal issue relating to my medical care. She also helped my mother-in-law with a medical malpractice issue.

– Susan


Excellent Execution

Since the first step of initiating legal counseling, Audrey Hilde Schechter has carefully attended to all the details necessary to get my case resolved in a professional and timely manner.

– Lisa