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    Reporting fraud, including healthcare fraud, is a difficult step to take. However, federal and state whistleblower protection laws can protect you from retaliation and provide a significant financial reward. We must curtail the rampant healthcare fraud. The fraud is WRONG, causing patient harm, and loss of BILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars. The False Claims Act makes the fraudsters pay.

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Do you work in the medical field where your employer or practice submits claims to Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare? Do you believe that your employer is submitting fraudulent claims to one of these government entities?  Perhaps your employer is submitting claims for patients he or she did not see.  Or maybe your employer is submitting claims for medically unnecessary services, or unsupervised services. 

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Do you work in the nursing home community?  The Department of Justice has indicated its intent to focus on medically unnecessary care being provided to our seniors and billed to the federal government.  If you are aware that your nursing home or assisted living facility employer is engaged in this fraudulent behavior, you need to contact an experienced whistleblower attorney.

Do you work in an area that provides services or goods to the government?  Do you think your employer is charging the government for services not provided or for substandard goods?  Maybe your boss is selling the government second-hand parts, but charging them for new items.  Or maybe your employer is billing the commercial work you are doing to a government agency.


If you have witnessed fraud against the government, including healthcare fraud, tax fraud, or government contract fraud, you may have a whistleblower claim. A whistleblower claim under the False Claims Act allows an individual to file a lawsuit seeking damages against a person or company who committed fraud against the government. Blow the whistle and do the right thing to stop fraud and claim your reward.  Reach out to an experienced whistleblower attorney.

Whistleblower Claims

The False Claims Act prohibits fraud against the government. A qui tam lawsuit allows a private individual to file a False Claims Act lawsuit on behalf of the government. The False Claims Act provides for a financial award for reporting the fraud. Filing a claim could result in an award of up to 30% of the recovered damages and penalties. Common whistleblower claims include the following frauds:

  • Medicare/Medical Fraud
  • Tricare Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Covid-19 Financial or Medical Fraud
  • Government Contract Fraud
  • Grant Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Education Fraud
  • Pharmaceutical Company Fraud
  • Bank and Financial Institution Fraud

Whistleblower laws also protect people who have been retaliated against for reporting fraud, including demotion or termination. If you have been retaliated against for investigating workplace fraud, you may be able to file a lawsuit to have your job reinstated, in addition to back pay with interest, damages, and legal fees.


The Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter specialize in whistleblower cases throughout the State of Florida and throughout the entire country.  Our offices are centrally located in Clearwater Florida, and we have numerous clients throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. Call our trusted whistleblower attorneys today at (727)223-2178.  We are eager to help you with your whistleblower case.

When you wish to bring a case as a whistleblower under the federal False Claims Act, you must have an attorney represent you.  The statute requires you to have a lawyer.  Further, an experienced lawyer is able to assist the government lawyers in their investigation.  Due to the Government's limited resources, streamlining their investigation is extremely helpful. Also, an experienced lawyer knows the strict requirements of the False Claims Act.  This is important, because a procedural misstep may result in a loss of your entitlement to a share of the recovery.  It is very important to understand your lawyer's whistleblower experience and her reputation with the government lawyers.  If the lawyer lacks experience the perils of that inexperience can be significant, even fatal to your case.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss your case with an experienced whislteblower attorney.  


We understand how you must be feeling when faced with the difficult choice whether to report fraud. You may wonder if your job is in jeopardy and you don't want to risk your career. We will help protect your rights as a whistleblower and help you obtain the reward you deserve. We understand what you are facing and our mission is to quell your fears during this uncertain time.

Law Offices of Audrey HIldes Schechter

At Law Offices of Audrey HIldes Schechter, we will help protect you and your family and fight to get you the reward you deserve.  Our sterling reputation is attributed to handling cases the right way, in compliance with federal and state whistleblower laws.  If you have a whistleblower matter and are considering exposing fraud, contact the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter today.

Audrey has repeatedly been named a Florida Super Lawyer, and has a 10 rating on AVVO Rating.  See the review page for colleagues' and clients' reviews of Audrey.


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If you want to report fraud against the government but you are concerned about your future, we are here to help. We will help protect your rights as a whistleblower to obtain the reward you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter today.