Providing Confidential, Trustworthy Guidance And Representation

Choosing A Whistleblower Attorney

The law provides excellent protection for whistleblowers. Consulting an attorney is crucial. You need a law firm that possesses the expertise to maximize results. There is honor in what you are doing by reporting to a company. You want a law firm standing alongside you, and capably guiding you to justice. Your initial call to our firm will confirm for you that we are your ally and champion.

The Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter, P.A. superbly serve each client with these essentials:

  • A firm that combines integrity with experience in battling large-scale fraudsters and winning.
  • A law firm that specializes in whistleblower cases. You want a firm that specializes just as you would want the best medical specialist to solve a physical problem.
  • A law firm that is experienced in high-value cases.
  • Top law school credentials employed for complex whistleblower cases. Why is this key? The quality of an attorney’s law education is paramount in whistleblower casework. Delivery of documents to the U.S. government prepared expertly and in the exact presentation, the government requires, sets our firm apart from others.
  • Exemplary firm settlement and trial records.
  • Collaborative attorneys who respect the client relationship.
  • As lead counsel, we drive cases to resolution whenever possible.
  • A firm small enough to give your case personal attention, yet large enough and experienced enough to achieve great success and earn a national reputation for excellence.