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Qui Tam Basics

You may be asking, “what the heck is qui tam?” Literally, it means “in the name of the king.” Practically speaking, it is when someone brings a legal action on behalf of the government. In our False Claims Act practice, we bring our clients’ allegations of fraud to the government’s attention by filing a complaint against the fraudster on the government’s behalf. In exchange for such information, whistleblowers are entitled to share in any damage the government recovers from the fraudsters.

It is crucial to hire experienced whistleblower counsel to negotiate the detailed statutory requirements. Failure to abide by those requirements jeopardizes any award you might otherwise recover.

Together, this public/private partnership has recovered BILLIONS of dollars for federal and State governments. In 2021 alone, the federal government recovered $5.6 Billion. The government needs your help to bring the fraudsters to justice.

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