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Fraud against the government is often reported by individuals who are not actively looking for fraud. Instead, they come across some suspicious activity or notice a pattern of wrongdoing in their daily life. This is why most cases of reported fraud involve employees who see their own company, other employees or management commit fraud in the workplace.

How do you know if you have a viable whistleblower claim? In general, you need some specific credible information or evidence of fraud to be able to file a whistleblower case under the False Claims Act or other whistleblower cases. The amount of information needed to bring a claim depends on the type of case. The amount of the available reward may also depend on the type of information provided to government investigators.

You may be wondering how you can best prepare for your initial meeting with us. This first meeting is very important.

What steps should I take if I’ve discovered fraud? How do I know if the conduct is fraud? How do I blow the whistle? Call us at 727-361-2772 or send an email inquiry to discuss your situation and learn more.

WARNING! Be careful not to tell other people details about your case. If possible, keep news about the potential investigation to yourself, telling as few people about it as you can. Secrecy and confidentiality may be legal requirements in your case. Government investigators understand the importance of keeping an investigation under wraps, and you should, too.