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How to prepare for initial meeting with your qui tam lawyer.

WARNING!  Be very cautious about sharing details of your potential case with others, and limit the number of people you confide in to the greatest degree possible.  Some whistleblower laws include provisions that require secrecy and confidentiality, and every government investigation is conducted on a need-to-know basis.

Preparing Your Whistleblower Claim - Initial Consultation

You may be wondering how you can best prepare from your initial meeting with us.  This first meeting is very important. In advance, please write down everything you know about the fraud you have discovered. This list is a starting point, so please update it as things occur to you.  Many clients find preparing a timeline quite helpful in organizing their thoughts and recalling the events of the fraud.  In addition to the timing of the fraud, you may want to focus on the location of documents, computer files and other proof, others who have knowledge of the conduct (let us know if they are current or past employees), and the names of those(supervisors or others) who likely participated in the wrongdoing.  If there are others involved outside of your company, let us know that also.  

​Next, list the specific laws, regulations, rules and procedures that you believe were violated.  Be over-inclusive on your list.  We can pare it down if necessary.  If you don't know something, just tell us. Also, let us know any facts or anything in your background that you may think is negative or harmful.

We look forward to collaborating with you to bring the fraudsters to justice. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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