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Concerned about retaliation?

Can my employer retaliate against me?

Your employer cannot retaliate against an employee or subcontractor for attempting to uncover or report fraud against the federal government. Any employee who is fired, “discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, or in any other manner discriminated against… by his or her employer because of lawful acts done by the employee… shall be entitled to all relief necessary to make the employee whole,” which may include reinstatement, back pay, two times the amount of back pay, litigation costs, and attorney's fees.

Being a whistleblower is hard.

We are always mindful of the courage it takes to blow the whistle on fraudulent behavior, and the difficulties that can bring to our clients' lives.  We will work with you to ease this process as much as possible.

So What Should You Do if You Want to Proceed?

Gather whatever facts and documents you legally can about the fraud that you've observed and contact us. You don't have to leave your job in order to file a complaint under the False Claims Act. This is a matter for you to discuss with your qui tam attorney

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If you want to report fraud against the government but you are concerned about your future, we are here to help. We will help protect your rights as a whistleblower to obtain the reward you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Audrey Hildes Schechter today.