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Widespread Fraud – Why Whistleblowers Are So Important

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Firm News

Here’s a link to a case involving Defendant Rotech.  Rotech settled this case, and admitted it knowingly billed Medicare for supplying portable oxygen tanks to seniors who did not require the oxygen.  The Relator was a former Rotech employee, who contended that Rotech modified its billing software to sidestep Medicare and Medicaid regulations.  The matter resolved for $9.8M.  As the Department of Justice press release states:

“‘Many people believe that healthcare fraud is a victimless crime; I assure you it is not,’ said United States Attorney Joseph D. Brown of the Eastern District of Texas.  ‘Medicare is funded largely by you and me, the American taxpayers, and fraud contributes to runaway health care costs.  I commend the whistleblower who had the courage to come forward and who worked with investigators to get to the bottom of this case.  Because of her, we were able to recoup millions of dollars improperly paid to Rotech.’”

As a country, we should value these whistleblowers for their bravery, and their will to fight for what’s right!