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Check Your Medicare Statements!

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Firm News

As we let you know in our prior blog post, the federal government is very interested in bringing COVID19 testing fraudsters to justice.  Here’s how to find whether you have been victim to this.  Check your Medicare statements.  The fraudsters obtain your Medicare information illicitly and then they bill Medicare for COVID19 and other tests that they never perform. Often, the “lab” is an out of state store front that actually does not operate as a lab at all. Rather, they are just a fraudulent billing operation.  When we examine online reviews for these labs, they typically say “I have never been to X state where this lab is located”.  The fraudulent labs are banking on the fact that most Medicare beneficiaries do not carefully review their statements, but rather glance at them to confirm that they do not owe any money.  As a team, using The False Claims Act, we can discover the scope of the fraud, and blow the whistle on this bad conduct so the government can put a stop to this fraudulent conduct and protect the public fisc.

A couple recent examples of lab fraudsters brought to justice.