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On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Firm News

Often we use our website blog to discuss healthcare fraud, and the latest updates or results of such cases.  Today, however, we want to write about something equally important — our wonderful clients.  Whether the matter is lengthy and large, or swift and small, we take great pride in being able to assist our clients.  Most often, someone has wronged our client and thinks that no one will call them out on it.  That happens in both wrongful collection matters, and grandiose Medicare fraud cases.  The common denominator is that our clients need legal help to rectify the wrong, and they seek that from us.  When they think their situations are hopeless, they find Schechter Legal Group to restore their hope.  We work very hard to serve our clients and obtain the best result possible.  Our clients’ appreciation provides us enormous satisfaction.  Thank you to all of our past, current and future clients.