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Florida’s AG States Fighting Fraud Top Priority

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Firm News

I’m very happy to see that newly placed Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody, plans on making the fight against Florida fraudsters a top priority.  The amount of fraud taking place in our State is enormous.  It takes a team of brave whistleblowers, their counsel and the government to make these fraudsters pay for their menacing and greedy actions, and, perhaps, one day bring such massive fraud to an end.  Knowing that the Florida Government will be a key player in this work encourages both me and my clients alike.  To read the Miami Herald article relating to AG Moody’s statement, please click here.

We are always honored to hear from brave whistleblowers to see if we can assist in righting the injustice that they are witnessing or have witnessed.

Lynne Sladky AP, photo credit.