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Why Whistleblower Is Not A Bad Word

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | Firm News

Some people hear the term whistleblower and they automatically have a negative response.  Such response, however, fails to scratch below the surface of the word to understand the character, bravery and results of these whistleblowers.  In fact, whistleblowers make a huge contribution to combating fraud in our country and have aided in restoring billions of dollars into the public fisc.  Their whistleblowing often comes at a major sacrifice. Whistleblowers may lose their job, lose their ability to work in the industry, and lose lifelong associates and friends, all because they shined a light on someone who was getting away with doing the wrong thing and profiting significantly from such fraud.  Our whistleblowers bravely come forward to report fraud against the government that they witness.  Putting an end to the significant healthcare fraud and other government fraud inures to all of our benefits.  It strengthens our country.  Fighting to preserve claims under the False Claims Act must remain a priority for Congress.  Limiting our powers under the False Claims Act only benefits the wrongdoers.  Thank you to all of our brave whistleblowers.  We support you in your quest for justice and fairness.