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Whistleblowers Have Statutory Protections

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Firm News

Timely to current events is the issue of protection for whistleblowers.  Often, it takes a great deal of courage to blow the whistle.  Those on whom you blow the whistle have probably been engaging in their wrongful behavior unchecked for a long time.  They have probably made a good deal of money through their fraud, and believe that they can continue proceeding in that matter because no one will catch them.  They may have even convinced themselves that what they are doing is not wrong.  That’s why Senator Grassley and those that gave the whistleblower statute a new life in the 1980s were so intent on ensuring the protection of those brave enough to blow the whistle.  You cannot suffer in your employment for blowing the whistle (employer may not demote, fire or otherwise punish you in your job).  People also often worry about their personal safety … again, the fraudsters have been getting away with their behavior and making so much money, so they do not want to stop milking the cash cow.  If safety is a concern, then your counsel will alert the appropriate governmental contacts so that precautions may be taken where necessary.

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