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Avoid These Coronavirus Scams

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Firm News

Amidst this climate of sheltering in place and self isolation, the scammers are “out” in full force.  The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is posting what types of scams to watch out for right now.  For instance, the FTC warns us not to respond to texts, emails or phone calls regarding stimulus checks from the government.  The FTC provides a helpful link regarding timing of such payments.  The FTC also instructs the public to ignore offers for vaccinations (none yet available) and at home test kits (must be doctor ordered and the ones advertised now may not be accurate).  Next, the FTC advises us to hang up on illegal robocalls, pitching everything from health insurance to work at home schemes.  The FTC also warns us to be suspicious of emails purportedly from WHO or the CDC.  Use the approved government sources and do not click on links from emailers whom you do not know. Finally, the FTC reminds the public to study the causes to which they wish to donate, and never send cash, money orders or wire money.  Visit to obtain a more in-depth review of the FTC’s guidance.