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Thank You to All Our Veterans and Their Families

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Firm News

Fighting for “equality and justice for all” is our mission.  Without our military, our freedom as a nation would be in constant peril, and, likely, might not exist.  Our veterans and their families have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live freely.  I recently thanked a veteran in the parking lot of our neighborhood post office.  He proudly wore a his U.S. Marines’ hat, and his license plate also bore evidence of his service.  When I thanked him, his response struck me deeply.  He said “thank you for acknowledging my service.”  Wow!  I wish for all of our service people that they never doubt our collective appreciation and thanks for the sacrifice that they and their families have made to protect us and our great Country, and all of the freedoms we enjoy.  So I ask of each one of us, please acknowledge all service people you encounter by thanking them for their service.  Especially today.