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The False Claims Act is Good For Ethical Businesses

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Firm News

Whistleblower is not a bad word!  Nor do whistleblowers harm businesses, unless, of course, those businesses are committing fraud.  The amount of money brought back into the public fisc through False Claims Act cases is staggering. Since the 1986 amendment, with Senator Grassley at the helm, the Government has recovered $64 Billion!  This public/private tool is imperative to keep the fraudsters in check and protect OUR money.  Yet, the lobby for unethical businesses are pushing a narrative that the False Claims Act is bad for businesses. This statement is 100% false.  If a business is ethical, and does not attempt to get reimbursed for fraudulent claims, then clearly it will suffer no harm.  On the flip side, if a fraudster is trying to steal from the Government by unethical practices, we should all cheer the efforts of brave whistleblowers. The benefit is three-fold: bring the fraudsters to justice; return money to the Government fisc; and clean up our various industries so we can practice our businesses on equal and fair footing for the greater good.  Please check out to hear a discussion on this subject.