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Tragic Case Explains Why We Do This Work

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Firm News

The fraud cases we encounter are, most often, displays of greed superseding taking care of vulnerable populations.  This adversely impacts both the State and federal government fiscs, but also, tragically, the most helpless of our populations.  Private equity firms involving themselves in medical practices and long term care facilities for our elderly and disabled, putting profit above all else, has exacerbated this horrific situation.  

Zion Gastelum, a two-year old Arizonian, died two days after dentists at Kool Smile, performed root canals on him and put crowns on six of his baby teeth.  The little one died after being diagnosed with brain damage due to a loss of oxygen.  The bereft parents sued Kool Smile as well as the private equity firm who invests in the practice.  They claimed that Kool Smile overtreats young Medicaid patients to maximize profits. The matter settled for an undisclosed amount.  

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