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An Honor and A Pleasure

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2023 | Firm News

I have just returned from the American Association for Justice Summer Conference in Philadelphia, PA where I was able to spend time with a very bright, engaged and hard working group of attorneys, particularly our small group of Qui Tam attorneys, for which group I continue to serve as co-chair.  We had a very productive business meeting, including a discussion of legislative and judicial matters of import.  I also had the privilege of educating the broader AAJ community on the basics of The False Claims Act, as well as important U.S. Supreme Court rulings in our area that the Court announced in June.  The dedication of the AAJ lawyers and our smaller Qui Tam group instill me with great hope for our efforts to eliminate fraud, as well as our broader hopes for our Democracy to continue striving for “equality and justice for all.”